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Over the past week, photographs have emerged showing Lady Gaga sporting a slightly larger figure. Lesser pop stars may have apologized and gone on a crash diet immediately to help weather the insults, but this particular pop star has never been one for saying she’s sorry when she didn’t do anything wrong. Consequently, the mother monster announced earlier today that she’s using all the negative feedback to launch a new campaign asking fans to triumph over insecurities by publishing photographs of their perceived flaws along with a little caption.

Not surprisingly, Gaga’s call to arms, dubbed A Body Revolution 2013, has already been answered with hundreds of photographs from both men and women of all shapes and sizes, including Gaga herself who posted four candid snapshots of herself in lingerie along with the headline “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.” You can take a look at one below…

Love her or hate her, Gaga really does practice what she preaches. She’s always willing to get her nose dirty, whether it be for anti-bullying, gay rights or body acceptance campaigns. The above picture and the hundreds that followed or will soon follow it are examples of that.

Life is too short to feel bad about how you look. Find a healthy weight, do your best to maintain, and allow yourself something truly decadent now and again.

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