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Learn How You Can Max Out Your Cell Phones Life

The key to keeping your cell phone battery from dying may not be as difficult as you think. You’ve heard the trick of letting it die completely so that your battery can keep at optimum potential right? Throw that notion out the window, because the times have changed nearly as fast as cell phones in the past 10 years. What was once a trick of the trade may be no longer. So how exactly do you keep your phone operating in crucial situations.

CNN has many great ideas, but speaking from personal experience, I stress their closing apps suggestion above all else. Closing your apps frequently will save a lot of battery life. For the tech illiterate, closing your app does not mean exiting out. Instead, it means stopping the function from storing temporary data. For example, when you open up your Facebook app, if it shows the last thing you were looking at, you didn’t close the app. If instead you see a blank screen and a loading of your profile and news feed, then yes you know how to effectively close an app. Here’s two videos for iPhone and Android users on how to close your apps out. The first one covers iPhones...

And this second video outlines how to do the exact same process but for Android phones because everything does not translate quite as seamlessly as you might think...

Were you one of the advocates for running your phone down completely to maximize battery? In the past that was the go to method, but materials have changed and experts now say the way to optimize battery life is to keep your phone in charging limbo somewhere between twenty to eighty percent. For accuracy's sake, they still encourage users to occasionally let their phone run down, however. That way you can still accurately track the life of your battery. Last resort options include turning down the screen brightness and disabling wifi, but the biggest solution of all was not found on this list.

If you are needing your phone for a situation, stay off it or be prepared. Yes, there will be some crazy circumstances in which you need to keep your phone running as long as possible, but if you’re mad because your phone died when you were expecting a call and you were playing Candy Crush for two hours beforehand, who can you really blame? On the being prepared front, if you are planning on using your car phone as a GPS, invest in a car charger. It’s saved me a lot of stress over the years and keeps my phone fresh for when I’m travelling to an unknown location, which is when you want a phone the most really.

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