More details are starting to emerge about the relationship between Lindsay Lohan and the chick she’s accused of punching, and they make the whole situation sound like some catty college nonsense. Apparently, the actress attended the Justin Bieber concert in New York City last night in order to take in a set by the evening’s opening act, The Wanted, and more specifically to see heartthrob Max George. After the gig, Lohan headed out to the club with band members Max, Jay and Tom, and after too much drinking, the night reportedly went south.

According to TMZ, Max lost interest in Lindsay after she had too much to drink and it started altering her behavior. Consequently, he began hitting on another girl at a table nearby. Lohan obviously wasn’t excited about this behavior, and her anger reportedly devolved into a confrontation with the supposed assault victim.

Showing he wasn’t exactly worth fighting over, Max reportedly went home with a third girl at the end of the night, leaving these two high and dry after their alleged confrontation. Lohan was later arrested and charged with third-degree assault. Given the victim didn’t have any reported injuries, it’s possible she will choose to drop the case. We’ll just have to see.

Until then, remember there are few hook-ups in the world worth punching someone over at a club at 4 AM, especially on a Thursday morning.

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