Authorities may have thought they had an open and shut case against Congressional staffer Christian LaBella when they arrested him at the W Hotel early this morning following an alleged assault against Lindsay Lohan, but apparently, in the hours since, the mess has gotten a whole lot less one-sided and become a whole lot more complicated. In fact, police are now convinced an assault, at least as it’s defined legally, definitely didn’t happen.

According to The Los Angeles Times, Lohan refused to get any medical treatment, and after speaking with her, cops don’t think she suffered any injuries. As a result, LaBella’s arrest was officially voided, and the assault charge against him was dropped. That leaves just one count of harassment standing against him, and he’s already put in the paperwork to flip the situation around and accuse Lohan of harassment.

Lindsay’s representative has already released a statement saying the police’s decision not to charge LaBella is outrageous, but with so many conflicting reports out there, it’s hard to know who was in the right and who was in the wrong. The two allegedly met yesterday while at 1 Oak and returned to the actress’ hotel room with a few other people. Around 4:30 AM, the Mean Girls star allegedly discovered pictures that had been taken of her on LaBella’s phone. When she demanded they be deleted, some kind of scuffle ensued and a fire alarm was pulled.

Even though it now seems like everyone involved won’t receive any major consequences, the fallout from this scandal should continue to unfold over the next few days. We’ll bring you updates as they come along.

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