The Santa Monica City Attorney’s case against Lindsay Lohan seems to have hit a snag. The actress’ longtime assistant Gavin has reportedly decided not to cooperate with the investigation, leaving authorities with fewer ways to convince a jury the Mean Girls star lied when she told police she wasn’t driving the rented black Porsche that ran into a truck this past summer.

According to TMZ, Gavin claims police found him at the hospital and said they knew Lohan was driving because of seat belt marks on her left shoulder. He supposedly said, “okay” to verify that he’d heard the allegation, but police took it like a confirmation that their hypothesis was correct. At least that’s the tangled web Gavin is weaving right now.

The assistant has refused to verify one way or another publically whether he was the one driving, which certainly makes it seem like he was in the passenger’s seat. I have a hard time believing his employer would be okay with him refusing to take responsibility for his mistake, but with the people involved here, you never know what’s actually going on.

The Santa Monica City Attorney hasn’t released a statement as to whether this will affect the investigation in any way, but if any public comment is released, we will bring it to you. Until then, assume Lindsay is still getting charged, whether Gavin is participating or not.

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