Lindsay Lohan might be largely in the clear thanks to the plea agreement she consented to yesterday, but the case might actually not be over for her lawyer. Attorney Mark Heller, probably best known for being called incompetent by the presiding judge, is apparently the subject of a witness tampering investigation focusing on whether or not he approached LiLo’s ex-assistant Gavin and asked him to change his testimony.

At the time of the accident, Gavin told the responding officers Lohan was driving when the Porsche struck the other vehicle. Obviously, Lindsay said the opposite, which led to the charges. Once Gavin realized there was a discrepancy, he reportedly shut down and stopped cooperating with prosecutors, probably since they’ve been close for years, but recently, the DA’s office secured a court order forcing him to take the stand. That’s when, according to TMZ, Heller allegedly approached Gavin and asked him to change his testimony. If the rumblings are to be believed, he mentioned the encounter to some other people, which prompted the witness tampering investigation.

I have no idea how skilled of a lawyer Heller is in his native New York. Maybe the law is practiced differently there, and he’s a total all-star. Unfortunately for him, the general public is only seeing this Lohan case in California, and even if this witness tampering allegation is baseless, which he claims, his time in LA hasn’t exactly been a ringing endorsement for his practice.

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