Lindsay Lohan has a long history of making questionable impulsive decisions, and she may have added to that sordid list. Rumors are raging that the actress boarded a flight from New York City to Los Angeles last night. Since she’s scheduled to check into rehab in New York this morning, that’s a big problem and one that could potentially send her to jail rather than rehab.

According to TMZ, the decision seems to be smoking-related. Lohan allegedly discovered the facility she was supposed to go to, that was approved by the court, doesn’t allow smoking. That’s a big problem since she’s a fan of smoking; so, she reportedly decided to rapidly switch course and enter a rehab facility in California. Unfortunately, no facilities in California have been approved by the court, and since the proof that she checked into the New York treatment center is due today, her attorney is not going to have it when he heads into court.

Maybe the judge will let her slide since presumably she checked into a rehab facility. Maybe the judge will be pissed that he wasn’t consulted. Either way, this is yet another prime example of Lindsay not doing her homework ahead of time and then veering off course at the last minute. Life is a whole lot easier when one shoots for simplicity rather than complications.

We should know more details by the end of the weekend. Until then, feel free to speculate wildly about how pissed off the judge and prosecutors will be when they get wind of this. For Lindsay’s sake, I hope they’re surprisingly relaxed.

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