Earlier this weekend, Linday Lohan was involved in a semi-serious accident on the Pacific Coast Highway. The actress and her assistant were driving in a rented black Porsche outside Santa Monica when their vehicle reportedly slammed into the back of an eighteen wheel truck. The violent collision tore off the front bumper, smashed the passenger windshield and totaled the Porsche, but thankfully, no one reportedly suffered any damage worse than bruises and scratches. As such, everyone involved is now playing the finger-pointing game.

Lohan first accused the truck of cutting her off. The truck driver shot back saying he had witnesses who saw the actress simply plow into him. Now, according to TMZ, Lohan has added a new wrinkle to her argument. She’s supposedly telling friends she was cut off by the truck but could have stopped if her brakes were working. The rental company allegedly told her they’d recently replaced the brakes on the vehicle just days before the Mean Girls star picked it up. Obviously, she thinks something was installed or finagled incorrectly, but as of now, there’s no evidence to support anyone’s story.

Following the crash, Lohan reportedly checked out of the hospital as quickly as possible and headed to the set of her new Lifetime movie Liz & Dick. She was reportedly very clear about wanting to move forward with the shoot. That’s a testament to her determination to get back on top, but sadly, it won’t serve as any evidence for her insurance company when it haggles over which side should pay for the damages in the coming weeks.

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