With Lindsay Lohan’s bank accounts seized by the federal government and no big new projects/ paydays on the horizon, the actress’ money problems are mounting. She’s reportedly had to borrow cash from friends in order to pay her eight thousand dollar a month rent, and now, she’s apparently in danger of losing her storage locker that contains God knows what inside.

According to TMZ, Lindsay owes the storage rental company approximately $16,000, and since she’s failed to pay for quite awhile, her unit is within a few weeks of being auctioned off to the highest bidder. The actress has reportedly been working the phones to find some way to generate the money needed before the deadline, but at this point, nothing has come through to even delay the impending sale.

At this point, we have no way of knowing what is inside that locker, but even without that knowledge, this mess is a pretty good indication of why Lindsay has severe money problems at the moment. She has a house. Thus, there’s really no reason why she needs to be paying thousands of dollars a month for a storage locker. If she was still headlining popular movies and wanted a storage locker, that would be fine, but when the finances take a dip, unnecessary expenses need to go by the wayside as well.

For Lindsay’s sake, I truly hope there’s noting too embarrassing inside that storage locker because, if there is, this man will probably buy it.

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