After Santa Monica prosecutors charged her with lying to police, Lindsay Lohan implied she wanted to fight it out in court rather than make a deal, but with the big day approaching, she and her attorney are apparently keeping their options open. In fact, her new lawyer Mark Heller reportedly sent a letter to the judge and the prosecutor outlining different community service activities the actress would be willing to do in order to keep herself out of jail.

According to Fox News, she’s hilariously convinced she would be a great motivational speaker who would do well interacting with children and sick people in hospitals. Ordinarily, such jobs are given to people who have already turned their lives around, but since she was in the almost universally beloved film Mean Girls, maybe she’ll be given a free pass. If none of those options are desirable, recording public service announcements is also an option her attorney is floating, but really, it sounds like she would be up for almost anything that would allow her to continue sleeping at home.

The majority of judges prefer to let defendants do community service rather than sit in jail. It’s cheaper, and it betters the community. Unfortunately for Lohan, the longer someone’s history with police is, the less likely the judge is to cut them breaks. Maybe the actress will luck out again and wind up with a motivational speaking, but regardless of what happens, for her sake, I hope it’s the last time she stands in front of a judge.

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