If someone were to ask you what your favorite sights are, it probably wouldn’t take you very long to answer. After all, most of us spend our lives relating to each other by talking about how beautiful certain things look. But what if you were asked for your favorite sounds---not songs---sounds? Would you be able to come up with a quick list?

YouTube all-star Tommy Edison regularly makes videos in which he answers questions about what it feels like to be blind. He also tries out various activities and even occasionally reviews movies. This week, he decided to tackle a question he actually gets a lot: what are some of his favorite sounds? Not surprisingly, he has more than a few. From the sizzle of a nice steak first being dropped on the grill to a champagne cork being busted open, there are certain noises he yearns for and there are other noises he just finds amusing—like what happens when a cop lightly touches his siren to get through traffic without pulling someone over.

Finding success on YouTube is all about carving out your own niche. For example: fans have come to expert great, informative science from V Sauce, hilarious voices from Brizzy and irreverent comedy from ZeFrank. Altogether, these people, along with Edison and many others, are what make YouTube such a magnet of wonderful content.

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