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President Obama might be a fan of all the high profile endorsements he receives from Hollywood actors and famous musicians, but something tells me he would have rather Madonna kept her mouth closed during her concert last night. The fifty-four-year-old entertainer was in Washington DC playing a gig to a sold out crowd Monday when she launched into a speech about the history of the United States.

From Abraham Lincoln to Martin Luther King Jr to President Obama, the Material Girl talked about how far we’ve come as a country before bizarrely imploring the crowd to vote for the “black Muslim in the White House”. Her comment was obviously meant to be an endorsement, but given how clear the President has made it over the years that he’s a Christian, it wasn’t exactly a net positive.

You an take a look at a video clip of the incident below, which is NSFW

Madonna has long expressed her admiration and support for Obama. She’s done everything from campaign for the President to get temporary tattoos of his name on her back. You would certainly think she would know his religion, and in the hours since, she's released a statement saying she was trying to be "ironic". Maybe. Maybe not.

What do you think? Does Madonna really believe President Obama is a Muslim? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

Does Madonna Really Think President Obama Is A Muslim?

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