More Americans Think Obama Would Better Deal With Aliens Than Romney

Ability to negotiate with and/ or defeat alien races might not be an issue that’s been discussed much thus far this year in the lead-up to the presidential election, but it turns out, it’s a point President Obama should probably be hammering home. That’s because the results of a new study conducted by the National Geographic Channel show sixty-five percent of voters think he would better handle visitors from another planet than his competitor Mitt Romney.

The exhaustive analysis was taken over the past few weeks, and respondents were asked a slew of questions concerning their opinions on aliens and UFOs. It turns out way more people claim to have seen aliens than most of us would have guessed. Ten percent of Americans are convinced they’ve seen a UFO with their own eyes, and twenty percent know someone else who claims to have seen a UFO. Perhaps even scarier, according to USA Today (opens in new tab), seventy-one percent are convinced the government has withheld alien-related information from the general public.

The research was conducted to provide background for National Geographic’s new show Chasing UFOs, and if the results are to be believed, it seems a hell of a lot of people will be interested in this program. It’s scheduled to premiere on Friday evening.

If you’re wondering why Obama so thoroughly dominated Romney on the who-would-better-lead-us issue, a potential reason likely lies in how respondents indicated they personally would deal with aliens. Only two percent recommended we should attack the extraterrestrials, while a majority approved of more hands-off, diplomatic policies. Love him or hate him, I've never heard anyone accuse the president of being poor with words.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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