Nicki Minaj Is Half-Naked In French Montana's Freaks Video

French Montana’s newest song, “Freaks,” is a lot like other rap songs in that it discusses the good life—including drinking, partying and spending plenty of time in the bedroom. What “Freaks” has going for it that offers something a little different is Nicki Minaj, who rolls out as much dirty language as she can in her verse. If that’s not enough to entice you, you can check out the American Idol judge in the video, who has chosen pasties instead of a shirt. Also, there’s plenty of adult language throughout the video, so take that into consideration before clicking, below.

There are some crazy acrobatics in the “Freaks” video, as well as some pretty explicitly described acts. At this point, rap videos never really shock me anymore, but despite the bawdiness of “Freaks,” there’s still enough going on in the way of cool costuming and dance moves to pique the interest of even moderately interested parties, despite all the fake breasts and product placement shots of alcohol in this ish. On the bright side, the chorus to “Freaks” is petty catchy, and may be well on the way to making a hit for French Montana, a man who sorely needs a hit.

Eif Rivera’s video was shot last month and just last week some stills of Minaj were teased, but those stills don’t even explain half of the poses the pop star gets up to in the video. “Freaks” is a remake of a song from a Lil Vicious album and the latest (and second) single dropped from French Montana’s debut album, Excuse My French. The album will hit stores on May 21.

Jessica Rawden
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