Chris Brown and Drake may have thrown bottles at each other and briefly cost WIP nightclub its liquor license, but that doesn’t mean most hotspots aren’t still excited about having either of the hitmakers into their VIP sections. Not only do both men spend money, they generate free buzz for the establishment and make most people in the joint feel a little more hip. Having the two of them in together, however, is another matter entirely.

Earlier this week, Drake rolled up to the Playhouse Club in Hollywood, California, but when he tried to enter, he was kept out by the bouncer. According to TMZ, Brown was already inside partying his face off and Rihanna was expected to arrive moments later. Since friction over her allegedly started the prior fight, the powers that be decided no good could come from sticking the three in the same room. So, unfortunately for Drake, since he arrived after Brown, he had to go.

Humorously, there was still plenty of drama drama at the club between Rihanna and Brown. She reportedly refused to speak to him, left separately and didn’t hang out with him the next day, leading many to wonder whether the two actually broke up this week.

If Brown and Drake were stuck in the same room again, chances are the punches would not fly, but if I owned my own nightclub, I probably wouldn’t risk it either.

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