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I’m happy to say One Direction is prepping to release another awesome pop-oriented album full of peppy tracks about (presumably) love and fun. Anyone keeping track of the band over the last several months may already know that One Direction is preparing to put out a new album, and this time around, the group hopes to put out the album around the holidays. On Monday, singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran, who has worked with One Direction in the past, says the band’s newest album is already finished.

On Monday, Sheeran spoke out to say that he has been hoarding his own songs of late and hasn’t actually contributed to the new One Direction album.
"I haven't done any songs on this one; I've actually kind of cut myself from giving any people songs at the moment, because I want to make my album. I was approached, and it wasn't so much a 'No,' it was just a 'I want to write tunes for myself at the moment.'

After that enlightening comment, Sheeran offhandedly mentions the guys of 1D have already finished their third full-length album. Since no word has actually come from the One Direction camp or from the group’s label, MTV is speculating that Sheeran could potentially be talking about the soundtrack for the band’s film This is Us. With a little luck, however, Sheeran is actually discussing the untitled album due out this Christmas. With even more luck, fans will get a brand new single sooner rather than later. Until then, go ahead and jam out to band’s 2012 single, “Live While We’re Young.”

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