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Python Challenge Set Up To Help South Florida Wetlands

Florida has an invasive Burmese python snake problem that has been getting worse over the last several years. The situation is so desperate, wildlife officials in the state have begun encouraging hunters to take weapons into the South Florida Wetlands in the attempt to reduce the invasive species to a manageable size.

Apparently, talking hunters into going after snakes instead of more popular species takes more than a simple “please and thank you.” Instead, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has put together a contest hoping to eradicate a species that is nothing but pesky for the wildlife and the officials trying to protect the wetland area. To make the event more official, those in charge are calling the contest the first ever “Python Challenge.”

According to ABC News, two separate contests will be held and hunters will be split into two groups, with novices who lack the heavy duty hunting permits lumped together and those who have obtained the proper permits to hunt in special areas making up the second group. Starting on January 12, hunters will be able to spend a month trying to take out the species with the end goal being to compete for a $1500 dollar prize. If you live in the area, or just want to check out contest specifics, you can head over to the contest website.

I know some people would disagree with mass eradication of a species, but when it is invasive, it’s usually the right call. You don’t want the natural habitat to lose out because a new species is trying to take over, inadvertently or no.

Jessica Rawden

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