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Rihanna is no stranger to causing waves with racy social media pictures. From shots of herself in a thong to shots of weed, she’s generated more than her share of headlines, but today, she may well have topped herself thanks to a photograph of herself in cutoff jean shorts so high they could make Levi Strauss sit up in his grave.

Below, you will find the picture of said shorts that has since been deleted from RiRi’s Instagram account. If you are at work, are around elderly relatives with heart conditions or just don’t enjoy the sight of a pretty bare rear end, you should bail on this article and try something else a little more family-friendly.

I have no idea whether Rihanna bought the shorts like that, had the pair professionally tailored or simply got out the scissors and altered the clothes herself, but I suppose it doesn’t really matter. They make more than enough of a statement without a backstory, though exactly what that statement might be depends on who you ask. Yesterday, RiRi’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Chris Brown got into a car accident and inside the vehicle was none other than his other ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. Was she the impetus for Rihanna reminding the world (and Brown) just how hot she’s capable of looking? Or is this picture nothing more than just one of the many times the pop singer has shown off her sexy side just because?

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