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Royal Protection Officer Assigned To William And Kate Mistakenly Fires Gun

A royal protection officer assigned to look after Prince William and Duchess Catherine has been indefinitely suspended from firearms duty after he mistakenly discharged his weapon while hanging out in his car outside the royal couple’s residence. The bullet reportedly exited the gun and shot straight into the floor of the police vehicle. Thankfully, neither of the officers inside the car was injured, but an official investigation has been launched to determine whether the unidentified protection officer will ever be allowed to carry a firearm again.

According to The Mirror, William was at his Royal Air Force base when the weapon was fired, and while Kate was inside the house, she wasn’t an actual witness to what happened. Consequently, the royal couple will be kept out of the numerous inquiries set to be conducted over the coming weeks. Unfortunately, the royal protection officer won’t be so lucky. He’ll likely be grilled as to why his weapon was out of its holster to begin with, let alone fired into the floor of the automobile.

Not surprisingly, this story has generated plenty of laughs and questions about competence throughout Britain. It’s made all of the royal protection officers look bad, which is why, whether this guy was a great guard or not, he’ll need to be reassigned, at least for a short while. Someone usually has to fall on the sword before the media and the general public stop talking about an embarrassing situation, and in this instance, there aren't any other possible choices.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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