When Elle first released photographs of Jessica Simpson’s fully nude and very pregnant body on the cover of the magazine’s March issue, Pop Blend conducted a poll asking readers whether or not baring all on a magazine cover was particularly appropriate. Although 69% of you approved of the pregnant pictures, some readers were not so down. Turns out a small faction of disapproval is enough to cause some problems with copies of the magazine at a supermarket chain.

A Tucson Safeway came under fire recently for the cover photograph, which features Simpson covering her chest with one arm and part of her belly with the other. It is pretty revealing, but it does not come across as particularly sexy, nor does it come across as exploiting the pop star in any way. According to The Arizona Daily, after several patrons complained about the photo, the chain grocery store was forced to cover the magazines with cardboard - a move that is often reserved for copies of Playboy or Maxim.

Luckily, the hiding of the magazines hasn’t had a chain reaction in other Safeway stores as of yet. The 69% of you who are perfectly content to see Simpson naked and preggers will still get to check her out when you are in line for your milk and bread. Hopefully this controversy won’t prevent us from seeing Reese Witherspoon’s baby bump in a couple of months.

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