Sandra Bullock has had a long and storied career, but just a few years ago she made some big personal changes, getting divorced from bad boy Jesse James and deciding to adopt a child. Since becoming a single parent, she’s slowed down her acting career a little bit, partially because she’s learned that she can’t be selfish any longer.

Bullock did recently sign on for Alfonso Cuarón’s latest film Gravity, a movie that was highly rated on the festival circuit and will hit theaters on October 4. The 49-year old actress says she was very intrigued by the script when it first landed in her lap, but she realized she needed to be spending more time with her 3-year-old son, Luis. The project spoke to Bullock, though, so she struck a deal with Cuarón, telling him she would sign on if she could bring Luis with her to the set and if the crew could make the experience “amazing” for her little boy, who was quite a bit younger at the time the film was shot.
"I said ... make it so I'm not somewhere not paying attention because I'm so worried about 'Where is he? Is he having fun? Is this a good life experience?' "

The actress spoke out at the press junket for the film about how she has had to change her attitude to incorporate her little boy at all times. According to People, the actress says she “can’t selfishly take journeys anymore." What she can do, however, is ask the director to turn the backstage area into an awesome play space for her son, make sure there are eyes never straying from him when she has to pop up on stage, and spend time with the kid between takes.
David [Heyman] turned a backlot of a sound stage in rainy London into a wonderland for a 1½-year-old. Everything was bumper guarded! People go, 'What is that?' And I go, 'That is to protect a child's head! All of it!' "

Bullock’s always been a pretty zany interview, but it’s nice to hear she’s found a way to still be in demand as a movie star while being attentive and supportive as a mother. It’s hard to balance a career and running a household—especially for a person who is constantly being scrutinized in the limelight—but Bullock seems to have a good head on her shoulders where her family is concerned.

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