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Prince Harry reportedly got a stern lecture from the Royal Family for playing strip billiards with random floozies in Las Vegas. Now, the random floozies have been given their own lecture, not for playing strip billiards but for exploiting the Royal by selling photographic evidence of the encounter.

In a one-page, USA Today ad entitled “For Shame” taken out this morning, the Las Vegas tourism agency hilariously rips the aforementioned women for betraying the Prince and stomping all over the “What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas” motto. You can take a look at the brilliant piece of advertising below…

Harry clearly should have known better than to disrobe with a slew of random women without taking their cell phones, but those ladies who sold the pictures deserved the “For Shame” slap on the wrist. They went up to that hotel room to have fun, just like he did, and when they spread the evidence of that encounter without his consent, they betrayed the spirit of the evening.

Here’s a more formal comment from the agency that created the ad…
”Las Vegas is a place to celebrate adult freedom, freedom that even celebrities and royals can enjoy."

I hope Harry had a great time over the weekend because, sadly, it’ll probably be the last time he ever has that much fun in Vegas again.

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