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Shia LaBeouf is good at a lot of things like acting and being a weirdo. What he’s not so good at, however, is calm restraint, and that was proven again last night when the former Transformers star headbutted some dude inside a bar in London.

No, seriously. He did. This isn’t a tabloid story gone wild. TMZ actually got video of the whole thing. You can go ahead and watch it below…

Fortunately for Shia, there are, allegedly, some mitigating circumstances in play here. The actor was inside a bar in London with his girlfriend Mia Goth, seen here in a vaguely NSFW poster for Nymphomaniac, and Goth’s mother. The random guy in the video supposedly said something offensive to Goth’s mother, and that’s when LaBeouf absolutely lost it. Shouting, “Are you fucking kidding me, bro?”, he got all up in the dude’s face and eventually gave him the aforementioned headbutt. In all fairness though, it was more of a Dennis Rodman headbutt and less of an Umaga headbutt.

I completely get the impulse to stand up for a girlfriend’s mother. In fact, not standing up for a girlfriend’s mother is a big deal too, but this entire story is a good example of why it’s probably not always the best call to do some drinking with your girlfriend’s mother at a shady bar in London. Why not a lovely dinner with some glasses of wine instead? Or maybe tickets to the opera?

Regardless, LaBeouf sorta apologizes for the incident immediately after it happened. He told onlookers, on video, that he never meant for things to spiral out of control but just wanted to stand up for Mia’s mother. He also referred to himself as “more normal” than the “average person” during the speech; so, it’s entirely possible he wasn’t thinking clearly either. Because in case he doesn’t realize, the average person American does things like go to Olive Garden and watch NCIS, not hire skywriters.

Regardless, Pop Blend hopes LaBeouf gets back on his feet and gets back to doing what he does best: acting.

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