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Well, if there was any question as to whether Andrew Silverman approved of his wife dating and getting impregnated by his good friend Simon Cowell, it seems to have been answered today in the form of pretty aggressive divorce papers the real estate mogul officially filed this morning. Best case scenario: he’s willing to use this drama drama to his advantage when all involved go in front of a judge. Worst case scenario: he’s pissed off, hurt and probably unwilling to ever mend fences with either his soon-to-be ex-wife Lauren or his already-ex-friend Simon.

According to TMZ, Andrew asked the court to legally grant him a divorce based on two factors. First, he would like the split to be granted because his wife committed adultery with the television personality, who is listed as a co-respondent. Second, he would like the split to be granted because his wife allegedly subjected him to cruel and inhuman treatment.

If all goes according to plan, Andrew would also like the prenuptial agreement signed at the beginning of the divorce in 2003 to be fully upheld, and he would like primary custody of the couple’s seven-year-old son. Considering how publically this entire supposed cheating incident went down and the fact that neither Simon nor Lauren seem to be denying it, you wouldn’t think she has a snowball’s chance in hell of getting anything more in the split than the prenup calls for, but as for the custody of the child, she’s likely to fight tooth and nail. Just because a woman cheats after she’s already estranged from her husband doesn’t necessarily mean she’s an unfit or even poor mother. She could be great for all we know.

Obviously, Silverman has a slew of reasons to be pretty pissed off at the world right now. I have no idea what percent he’s responsible for the marriage crumbling, but regardless, no one wants to see their estranged wife impregnated by a good friend. That’s definitely a tough pill to swallow, especially when said friend is more famous than you. That being said, it’s in everyone’s best interests that he maintains a sensible level of anger moving forward. The biggest loser is Andrew and Lauren’s son. His parents are splitting up, and since no one is accusing Lauren of abuse or anything of the like, Andrew should realize the child is better off having a significant relationship with her too.

Expect the rest of this divorce case to be extremely public, whether the ex-couple wants it that way or not. We’ll be sure to bring you updates as the proceedings progress. Until then, if you’re going to split from your partner, try to wait until the divorce is finalized before getting pregnant.

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