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Some of the former Jersey Shore cast members may prefer to put every single detail of their lives on the public record, but Pauly D is definitely not among them. In fact, the likeable deejay may have never told the general public about his most surprising hook-up ever. Luckily, Snooki has no qualms about sharing the anecdote for him.

In an interview with Celeb Buzz, Snooki told the outlet she’s pretty sure Pauly D once made out with Lindsay Lohan not long after the show premiered to enormous ratings. Everyone was apparently in Los Angeles for the first time doing some promotional work when he ran into her and one thing led to another. Neither he nor Lohan has ever spoken publically about the alleged incident, but given his handsomeness and way with the ladies, it certainly sounds believable enough.

This story is actually a pretty good example of how much cooler it is when others talk of your exploits. If Pauly D had shouted this alleged make out from the roof tops, people would have thought he was kind of a d-bag, but because Snooki put it out there for him, it makes him seem like a smooth operator.

Given he hasn’t said anything before, it’s unlikely Pauly D will comment extensively on this now, but if he changes his mind, we’ll let you know what he has to say.