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Just a few days after Snoop Dogg did a good deed, earning money for charity on CBS’ The Price is Right, Snoop had a minor, but problematic, run-in with the law. The incident prompted a short arrest as well as a misdemeanor fine.

It probably doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess Snoop Dogg was arrested for having pot on his person, well, in this case, his tour bus. Snoop Dogg was traveling around in Texas when he reached a standard border patrol checkpoint in Sierra Blanca. Instead of waving the giant bus on through, the border patrollers decided on a thorough check, introducing drug sniffing detection dogs onto the scene. They do everything bigger in Texas, including border patrol.

All was going well, until the dog alerted the border patrol cops to a suspicious smell in a waste basket at the back of the bus. According to TMZ, the dog had accidentally stumbled across a small pill bottle with joints inside, drugs Snoop Dogg fully accounted for.

Luckily for Snoop Dogg, a few joints does not amount to a particularly large marijuana charge. Thus, he only earned a misdemeanor fine for the mishap. Snoop Dogg does have a medical marijuana prescription in California. Still, even with a prescription, a friendly rule of thumb would be to not carry drugs from state to state and certainly never over or near a border. With zero tolerance policies in most states, that’s just common sense. The rapper could be convicted for up to 180 days on a drug charge, but I’d put my money on this being the last we really hear about the incident.