The Sam Lufti breach of contract/ defamation trial is over. Attorneys for the former “manager” rested their case two days ago, prompting litigators for the Spears family to file a motion asking the judge to throw out the case on the grounds not enough evidence was presented. Such motions are relatively common, but if the accuser puts forward even a measly amount of proof, they’re typically denied. Thus, it’s reasonable to infer the judge rejected Lufti’s testimony in its entirety.

Lufti befriended and moved in with Spears during the height of her downward spiral. The pop star was largely estranged from her family during the time, but as she reached the breaking point, they injected themselves back into her life and largely blamed Lufti for the mess. Britney’s mother Lynne later wrote about the traumatizing experience in her book Through The Storm, and she was less than kind to Lufti. She accused him of putting sleeping pills in her food, conspiring with the paparazzi and being horribly incompetent. Those accusations, plus a supposed contract he had with Britney giving him 15% of her earnings, provided the basis for his lawsuit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the entire trial only took nineteen days from jury selection to dismissal. It’s unclear where the major parties might go from here, but it’s highly unlikely they’ll share the same courtroom again. If the judge didn’t even think Lufti had enough evidence to continue, it’s unlikely he could have actually won over a jury filled with these or any other people.

We’ll keep you updated as the major parties sound off on today’s proceedings.

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