Last night’s halftime show was all about Beyoncé. Unless you weren’t watching the game, there’s no way you could have missed the multiple copies of the pop singer prancing around on video screens as the real singer strutted her stuff. Apparently, Beyoncé’s live performance was a great success. Shortly after the singer appeared onstage, several of her most famous songs moved way up on the list of iTunes most downloaded music.

A big part of Beyoncé’s performance last night was her slow and sultry rendition of “Halo.” The performance was good enough to pique plenty of interest, and the song managed to jump from not having a spot on the iTunes chart to hitting #17. According to EW, “Halo” wasn’t the only song to find newfound success. “Crazy in Love” hit #37 and “Single Ladies (Put A Ring on It)” hit #41. Even Destiny’s Child’s hit from long ago, “Say My Name,” hit the iTunes top downloads chart.

What’s probably the coolest fact regarding these giant leaps on the iTunes chart is that just a couple of days ago, none of these songs were ranked at all within the top downloads chart. One big performance is enough to bring someone who has mostly been away from the music world for some months right back to the forefront. And if the downloads chart isn’t enough to prove that, Beyoncé’s 2011 album 4 also bumped up on the albums chart, at one point even reaching #12. If Beyoncé has some new music up her sleeve, now might be a good time to bust it out.

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