Tom Sizemore Admits He Just Made Up Bill Clinton And Liz Hurley Affair Story

Tom Sizemore may have said he hooked Bill Clinton and Elizabeth Hurley up following a White House screening of Saving Private Ryan back in 1998, but it turns out he didn’t actually do that. At all. So, he was either intentionally lying or rambling in a drunk-induced frenzy when he told a friend the story that was taped and later handed over to Radar Online.

The outlet published the crazy tale earlier this week. In it, Sizemore claimed he was at the White House when he was approached by the then-president and asked for Hurley’s number. After showing some initial hesitation to turn the number over, Clinton allegedly called Sizemore a “dumb motherfucker” and demanded the number again. Sizemore supposedly relented, turned the digits over and Clinton quickly dispatched a private jet to pick the Austin Powers actress up.

It all sounds absolutely outlandish. If Clinton really wanted to bed Hurley, as the leader of the Free World, I’m pretty sure he could have gotten her phone number without Sizemore’s help. I’m also pretty sure he wouldn’t have brought her to the White House in a private jet in the middle of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. That would have been a slap in the face to his wife and to his future political aspirations, but obviously, it didn’t even happen.

Sizemore made that clear yesterday when he appeared on HuffPost Live. Here’s a portion of his actual quote, courtesy of The New York Daily News

"I've never met former President Clinton, I've never known him to know Ms. Hurley. I'm not denying that I said these things ... I don't remember saying these things. My perceptions were not the greatest.”

Whomp. There it is. So, now, the next time someone tries to regale you with the story of the time Clinton and Hurley got busy in the White House, feel free to let them know that didn’t actually happen.

Mack Rawden
Editor In Chief

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