VMAs: Do You Think Nicki Minaj Really Told Off Rihanna?

Rumors of a Nicki Minaj/ Rihanna feud have swirled for years, but considering how much people love rumors about famous women feuding, it was never clear whether there was any substance to this one. Last night at the Video Music Awards, however, legitimate proof of friction between the women may have actually emerged.

According to Media Take Out, problems between the women began following the Chris Brown/ Drake brawl. Minaj reportedly thought Rihanna intentionally stirred up tension between the two and indirectly caused what happened, a mistake that could wind up costing both tons of money in endorsements and attorneys’ fees.

When the pop stars arrived at the ceremony last night, both supposedly played nice and took pictures, but at some point, the mood turned sour. Following Minaj’s Best Female Video win, Rihanna allegedly tried to hug her, and Nicki responded by saying, “Sit the fuck down, bitch.”

Since none of this was caught on camera, it would be easy to assume the comment either didn’t happen or was an exaggeration, but in addition to Media Take Out’s source, Real World’s Trishelle tweeted about what happened. Here’s a look at what she had to say…

”Omg #VMAs inside scoop. Nicki Minaj just told Rhianna to "sit the fuck down" when she tried to hug her!!! Love it!!!

Neither woman has commented publically on what allegedly happened. So, the question is, do you buy the story? Do you think Nicki really told Rihanna to sit the fuck down? Let us know your thoughts by votin gin the poll below...

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