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Jennifer Lawrence is a Bill Murray fan. Aren’t we all? Lawrence got to meet Bill Murray at Comic-Con this week, and from what she had to say afterward, her appreciation for Murray was occasionally expressed in the form of drunk emails to her Hunger Games co-star Woody Harrelson. Here’s the video of Jennifer Lawrence telling that story and adorably geeking out over getting to meet Bill Murray…
At the Hunger Games press conference during Comic-Con in San Diego this week, Jennifer Lawrence was asked about finally getting to meet Bill Murray, which happened earlier that day backstage at Hall H. He was there to promote Open Road’s Rock the Kasbah, while Lawrence was there to promote the final film in the Hunger Games series, Mockingjay - Part 2. Their path’s collided, and as you can see in this photo, Lawrence is not being shy about how thrilled she was to get to meet Bill Murray. From what Lawrence explained at the press conference later that day, she’d been very open about her appreciation for the star, going so far as to speak to him through her Woody Harrelson.
I kind of spoke to him through Woody Harrelson. I would send emails to Woody… mostly when I was drunk with things that I always wanted to say Bill Murray. So just the fact that Bill Murray knows that I exist was Part 1. And Part 2, he wanted to speak to me. And then he mentioned something about us working together. Yeah, I’m excited about that. That was cool.

Cool is putting it mildly, but it's adorable that she's managed to divide her elation into two distinct parts. And now we’re left to hope and wait that Jennifer Lawrence and Bill Murray will actually work together.


Bill Murray wasn’t the only fun topic of discussion during the Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 press conference. When asked about dealing with the pressures of Hollywood, Lawrence explained the simple way she, Josh Hutchinson and Liam Hemsworth manage to escape that issue…
I guess there’s certain pressures. But we don’t really feel the pressure. Josh, Liam and I live on our own island in L.A.. I don’t really feel the pressure of Hollywood. We’re always at Liam’s house in Malibu drinking wine.

That sounds delightful.

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