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Watch To Learn How To Open A Champagne Bottle With A Sword

Is there anything more fun than opening a bottle of champagne and watching the cork fly across the room? Yes, there are lot of things better than that---like eating a hot piece of bacon and winning a bet. That being said, opening alcohol is still a damn good time, and if you have spare money sitting around and a willingness to take minor risks, the process is about to get even better.

You know the popular YouTube channel Mental Floss? It churns out hilarious lists filled with unusual facts every week---like 31 Odd Medical Conditions and 50 Famous Misquotations. Well, the powers that be recently decided to launch a new series called Be More Interesting. The episodes are sponsored by Dos Equis, which makes a whole lot of sense, and they’re hosted by Max Silvestri.

The above video is the first of the entries, and it teaches viewers how to open a champagne bottle with a saber (not a Sabre). You may have seen wine experts or hardcore alcoholics with a wild streak doing that before. It turns out it’s not nearly as hard as it seems. There is an actual technique that keeps the skilled from shattering pieces of glass in their eyes, but with some common sense and a good grasp of the fundamentals, most of us would be able to pull it off on the first try.

Unfortunately, try as we might, most of us do not have sabers just sitting around our houses. So, if you’re interested in actually learning how to do this, I would advise thinking long and hard about whether you will actually use this weapon every time you open a champagne bottle or whether you will get bored with it after showing each of your friends once. You would hate to head to a flee market and pick something like this up, only to sit in a closet for a few years before you have a child and your (sensible) wife makes you throw it away, lest the infant poke himself in the eye with a cavalry weapon.

I have no idea how the Be More Interesting series is planning to get more interesting in the future, but I’m more than willing to trust Mental Floss’ track record. No one involved has done me wrong in the past. You can check out another one of the channel’s random videos below. This one covers bizarre laws…

Mack Rawden

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