Kids are the kings and queens of over-the-top reactions. If you want to know exactly what they’re thinking, all you need to do is glance at their faces. They’re horrendous at hiding both anger and excitement, which is why they, along with fire and fighters, are ideal candidates for slow motion videos.

The latest entry into the aforementioned canon was put together by Saatchi & Heckler, and it features shots of children trying bizarre foods. Some of the toddlers are quite adventurous and seem to love what they’re given. Some of them couldn’t be less excited about putting the food in their mouths, but all of them react in wild, over-the-top fashion.

Have you ever heard someone say they wish they hadn’t read a book or seen a movie before so they could do so for the first time again? Well, imagine how crazy that experience would be with food. I’m not sure my reactions would be as ludicrous as these kids’, but I really wish I could watch myself on tape experiencing a lemon for the first time.

Videos poking fun at children have been around since YouTube was first created, and since it’s highly unlikely we’ll stop having kids, we’ll continue watching clips like this forever. Luckily, they’re adorable.

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