Some people have to walk all the way down to the street to pick up their mail. Some people have to walk outside to their front porch to check their letters, and others can simply hang out inside because the deliveries get pushed right through a convenient little slot. Most people would prefer the convenience of that last set-up, but let the record show this poor toddler is not one of them.

Wrongly convinced his father was home from work, the little guy runs to the door, waiting for his old man. Unfortunately, instead of a warm embrace from pops, he gets a large handful of letters right in the face, knocking him over his toy truck and onto the ground amidst loud, heaving sobs. Published about a month ago, the above video has been progressively generating more steam, and based on the momentum, it should plunge over five hundred thousand views.

For some reason, people are often more excited about animals than human beings on the Internet, but a great toddler video can still strike a chord. Here’s to hoping, despite his injury, this little kid still continues to always get excited for his father when he returns from work.

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