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Vin Diesel took the stage at tonight’s MTV Movie Awards to announce the winner of this year’s Best Female Performance and in doing so he took the time to remember the last time he was up on that stage, with his brother Pablo or as we knew him, Paul Walker. Take a look as he sings in honor of the late actor:

The intro music that brought the actor to the stage had a special significance to him. And while it was only a few seconds long, Diesel definitely noticed, smiling and shouting to MTV (or whomever picked out the music) “I love you guys”. Diesel appreciated that the specific song was played so much that he ended up breaking out into song too, singing the words:
It’s been a long day without you my friend and I’ll tell you all about it when I see you again.

The track is a Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth song entitled, “See You Again” and it’s not the first time that Diesel has heard or sang the song in front of a group of people. The song is featured at the end of the Furious 7 movie as a tribute to Paul Walker and has become a fond reminder for Diesel’s friendship with the actor. The song is clearly very dear to him and while it is a bit saddening, it is quite beautiful, especially if you listen closely to the lyrics. They are about a bond of friendship and love. Here’s the song in full. Grab your tissues.

Though Paul Walker was given a full tribute at last year’s MTV Movie Awards, this year has been a difficult reminder for his Fast and Furious family as they promoted the new film that marks the late actor’s last time with the franchise. Diesel was hit particularly hard, as you can hear he referenced Walker as a brother to him, and even recently named his newborn daughter after him, Pauline.

Diesel was able to get his line of song in though, and even rocked his Fast and Furious 7 t-shirt to promote their movie further. You almost forget that he was on stage to present an award (Shailene Woodley won for The Fault In Our Stars by the way), but it is refreshing to see how deep of a friendship had blossomed and that even the smallest reminder can give Diesel a smile as he thinks about the good times he had with his friend.

You can catch Paul Walker, Vin Diesel and the rest of the Furious crew in Fast & Furious 7 now in theaters.