Say what you will about Lindsay Lohan, but she’s proving to be a fighter. Just hours after the fortune teller she allegedly assaulted hired super attorney Gloria Allred for a potential lawsuit, the Mean Girls star fired her own right hand by shelling out for a private detective to dig up as much heinous shit on Tiffany Mitchell as possible.

According to TMZ, Lindsay is convinced this entire incident in the nightclub was nothing more than a woman trying to take advantage of her celebrity to earn a quick paycheck. She wants to know if there’s any history of this sort of thing in Mitchell’s past, and assumedly, she wants to identify any witnesses who may have seen exactly what happened during the altercation.

Ordinarily, I’m not particularly inclined to believe what Lohan has to say. Her laundry list of legal problems, lies and weird behavior is far too long to recount in a single news story, but with this particular instance, she might actually be right to hire a private investigator. Authorities noted Mitchell only suffered extremely minor injuries following the altercation, and rumors are floating around that someone in the supposed victim’s camp may actually have taken Lohan’s purse earlier in the evening.

Then again, this could be nothing more than a smear campaign to help explain away the actress’ poor behavior. Digging up information on previous lawsuits is one thing, but if Lohan is planning to just spill all of this woman’s secrets, that’s kind of low.

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Is It A Good Play To Hire A PI?

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