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Earlier today, an angry letter from the Chateau Marmont to Lindsay Lohan emerged in which management effectively booted her from the grounds over an unpaid bill of almost fifty thousand dollars. The correspondance also included a copy of the charges, and in addition to the regular room rate, the actress spent thousands on room service and hundreds on cigarettes during her roughly month and a half stay.

In the hours after it went public, Lohan reportedly blamed the situation on a miscommunication with the producers of her Lifetime original film Liz & Dick. According to TMZ, they reportedly gave her a five thousand dollar advance on her salary in order to move into the hotel, but they claim there was never any conversation about her bill actually being paid by anyone involved with the production. Lohan has already stated she’ll resolve the matter by taking care of the charges if the producers refuse to hand over the money, but as of this afternoon, nothing had been handled.

You’d like to think this is all a big misunderstanding, but clearly, someone is in the wrong. Either producers told the actress they’d pay for her to live a little closer to the set during filming, or Lohan lived in a hotel for forty-seven days and willingly didn’t take care of her obligation.

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Who Should Have Paid The Bill?

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