Why Did Lindsay Lohan's Publicist Quit?

After two years and more public relations disasters than can be recalled in one news story, Lindsay Lohan’s fearless publicist decided he’s had enough. Steve Honig turned in his letter of resignation today, and like everything else related to his now former client, his exodus has generated a slew of rumors.

The loudest of the whispers has been that Honig quit because of Lindsay’s father. Some of the actress’ friends told TMZ it had nothing to do with Lindsay and everything to do with the way Michael conducted his business. The famous father recently tried to set up a very high profile intervention, and after it failed, he publically bickered with Honig over how many people in Lindsay’s life were on board.

Honig, however, has publically denied Michael was the main reason for his exodus. He’s refused to elaborate on what exactly happened, but considering he’s a publicist, nothing about his story can really be trusted. He spins the truth for a living, or at least he did until he quit today.

Michael might be an extremely difficult person to deal with and a clear annoyance, but I have a hard time believing his antics were more of a problem than all the hours Honig had to put in to clean up Lindsay’s messes. What do you think? Why did the actress’ publicist really quit? Let us know your thoughts by voting in the poll below…

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