Why Did Zac Efron Bring A Condom To The Lorax Premiere?

The upcoming adaptation of Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax might be kid-friendly, but that doesn’t mean the movie’s stars aren’t occasionally R-rated off screen. At least that’s what photographers and fans alike found out at the red carpet premiere when Zac Efron took his hand out of his pocket and inadvertently dropped what looks like a condom onto the ground. His initial shock and embarrassment quickly turned into giggles, forcing the acting to turn around to regain his composure. Were he walking the red carpet in support of a raunchy comedy, he probably could have played the mistake up, but given The Lorax’s subject matter, it was probably better he just played it off.

Still, as believable as the whole thing seems, some fans aren’t totally convinced it was a condom Efron dropped. According to E! News, he hasn’t yet commented publicly on the matter, but luckily, you can watch the video and decide for yourself. Take a look…

Given how blurry the freeze frame is, I would be willing to consider that he didn’t drop a condom were it not for his clearly weirded out reaction immediately following the matter. His shit-eating grin screams I was just busted, which makes me wonder what he was carrying a condom for. Pop Blend is in favor of everyone protecting themselves in sex outside committed relationships, but The Lorax seems like a strange place to even entertain the thought. Was he planning to attend a party afterwards? This seems like a perfect case for Sherlock to cover in the upcoming third season.

Until then, I’ll leave it for you to decide. Why do you think Zac Efron brought a condom to The Lorax premiere?

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