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Woman Disappointed To Learn Robert Downey Jr Didn't Save Her Life

A woman was enjoying a nice, relaxing meal at Big Pink Restaurant in Miami earlier this month when she swallowed a large piece of steak without chewing it enough. She tried to spit it out, but the food was lodged too deeply in her windpipe. Gasping for air, she started to become convinced she was about to die when Robert Downey Jr. stepped over from a nearby table and performed the Heimlich maneuver. Alive and thriving, the woman left the restaurant and told friends about how Iron Man had saved her life. Unfortunately, it turns out she was only half correct. A dude saved her life, but it was not Robert Downey Jr.

According to TMZ, she found out as much later in the evening when she received a friend request from Brian Breiter, an attorney who apparently gets confused for the actor all the time. He was her knight in shining armor, not the celebrity she’s always loved. Disappointed but still grateful, the woman accepted the lawyer’s friend request and decided to just be happy she was still breathing.

Actors have been known to step in and get their hero on now and again. Patrick Dempsey recently pried a kid out of his car who crashed in his front yard. I’ve heard Bob Saget tell a story before about he and John Stamos rushing to help a car crash victim only to watch her faint when she realized who they were. Unfortunately for this mystery woman, her story is decidedly less cool. Luckiy, she’s still alive and could potentially choke around a real celebrity down the road.

Mack Rawden

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