Zac Efron Apparently Got Punched By A Homeless Dude On Skid Row On Sunday

Over the last six months or so, Zac Efron’s behavior has raised a lot of red flags. Between rehab and a jaw that broke under mysterious circumstances, the whispers have followed him wherever he’s gone. This won’t help. The actor was reportedly involved in a dust-up on Skid Row last night and wound up getting punched right in the jaw.

Details are still very fuzzy concerning what happened, but the story Zefron allegedly told the cops on the scene has leaked out, and it is double-take worthy, to say the least. According to TMZ, the Hairspray actor was in his car after midnight with his bodyguard when it ran out of gas in Los Angeles’ notorious Skid Row District. Efron claims he was minding his own business inside the vehicle when he chucked a bottle outside the window. That drew the attention of some transients who allegedly thought he whipped it at them. His bodyguard supposedly got out to calm the situation down, a fight broke out, Efron tried to jump in and ate one or more punches for his trouble.

Police were on the scene shortly after the fight broke out and allegedly observed “mutual combat”. As a result, statements were taken and no one was arrested because, to their knowledge, there wasn’t a clear instigator. Sources on the scene are claiming Efron was “obviously intoxicated”. Is that an indictment of Efron’s story? Is it simply an admission that no authority figures were there when it started and fight cases like this are hard to prosecute? We don’t know yet and perhaps never will, but that won’t stop people from asking more questions, most notably, “Ran out of gas on Skid Row?”

For those who haven’t spent a lot of time in Los Angeles, Skid Row is a small section of the downtown area that’s riddled with homeless people, drugs and petty crime. Thousands of people sleep on the streets there every single night, and it’s widely considered to be one of the most dangerous and unpredictable areas in the United States. A majority of Los Angeles residents wouldn’t even choose to drive down 6th Street at night, but obviously, Efron had no such worries, despite the fact that his car was about to run out of gas.

Edward Furlong claimed he was robbed on Skid Row. Nick Stahl went missing for awhile there. In short, it’s not a productive place to be spending time, whether you're a Terminator actor or not. Regardless of how he got there, here’s to hoping Zac Efron spends more time making great movies and less time forgetting to fill his car with gas or trying to buy drugs or doing a third thing I haven’t thought of yet.

Mack Rawden
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