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The Best Headphones For TV

Artiste 2.4G Wireless TV Headphones

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Artiste 2.4G wireless TV headphones will immerse you in your favorite films and TV shows in a whole new way. What sets these wireless headphones apart from others is their groundbreaking 2.4GHz radio frequency, which means stronger signal transmission, lower sound distortion, and an extended wireless range up to 100 feet. In addition to the crystal-clear radio frequency, you will also enjoy pristine hi-fi stereo sound with a frequency response of 25Hz-20kHz.

Artiste's wireless TV headphones are made with your comfort and lifestyle in mind. The adjustable, soft headband and cushioned over-ear pads are designed to feel luxurious while effectively keeping the sound sealed. From cellphones and tablets to computers and TV sets, these headphones are compatible with pretty much any device. Connect your device via the included RCA cable and 6.3mm adapter. These headphones are also equipped with impressive battery performance, continuing to work for 20 hours on a single charge. No need to worry about your headphones dying on you while binge-watching Game of Thrones.

Key Features

  • Cutting edge 2.4GHz radio frequency for steady transmission and lower sound distortion
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Remarkable battery performance, lasting up to 20 hours

Sennheiser RS 120 Wireless Headphones

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There's nothing worse than arguing with your partner or movie-watching companion over the volume––some people like to be immersed in sound like they're at the movie theater, while others prefer a mellow volume for background noise. Put your volume conflicts to rest with a set of Sennheiser RS 120 wireless headphones. With these headphones, you can crank up the sound as loud as you want without disturbing others in the room. They transmit sound via 926 MHz radiofrequency with a reception that extends through walls and ceilings up to 300 feet, so you can listen throughout your entire home. Sennheiser's open-air design gives listeners a crisp sound quality with a strong bass that is perfect for watching your favorite action flicks.

Not only do these headphones provide a great listening experience, but they are also very simple to use. Just connect your audio source to the transmitter, which doubles as the headphones' charging unit, with the analog audio output. Once connected, headphones will automatically turn on without having to deal with any switches or buttons. Your headphones will turn off only after the audio source is turned off. Easy as pie!

Key Features

  • Wireless and interference-free reception through walls and ceilings up to 300 ft.
  • Easy, automatic on/off circuit and volume controls
  • Outstanding sound quality with remarkable clarity and strong bass

Avantree HT4186 Wireless TV Headphones

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Not super tech-savvy? We've got you covered. Avantree HT4186 wireless TV headphones are designed with simplicity in mind. There's no need to worry about how to pair your device with these headphones––just turn on the transmitter and headphones and they will automatically connect via Bluetooth. These are also the only non-over-ear headphones on our list, so you'll never have to worry about messing up your hair with these headphones.

We at CinemaBlend love these Avantree headphones because they are compatible with 99% of the TVs on the market, supporting Optical/AUX and RCA audio outputs. Though some may worry about there being a sound delay with the Bluetooth transmitter, the headphones feature FastStream technology, which delivers reduced lag and high-quality sound that perfectly syncs with your TV.

Key Features

  • Equipped with Bluetooth transmitter for quick and easy set up
  • Compatible with 99% of TVs on the market
  • FastStream technology to reduce audio delay

makemate Wireless TV Headphones

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makemate wireless TV headphones will allow you to immerse yourself into the world of television with high-fidelity stereo sound without disturbing others around you. If someone in your house needs some quiet time, but you're in the mood to watch Terminator 2: Judgement Day on full blast, these headphones will make your dreams a reality.

Simply plugging in and powering up the television-ready Bluetooth transmitter and the headphones will open a world of personalized sound. Both the transmitter and headphones will auto-connect. Speaking of the headphones, they are wireless and will need to be charged, but when powered a full three hours, there will be whopping fifteen hours of runtime. Listeners will enjoy a 165-foot wireless range, so a distanced television set or traveling to the kitchen will not interrupt or diminish the sound experience.

Sound is not the only quality to consider, comfort plays a role too, and this pair doesn't disappoint. They're flexible for a perfect fit and have cushioned earmuffs for ultimate wearability. You might even forget you're wearing them.

Key Features

  • Easy plug and play connection
  • Immersive Hi-Fi stereo sound
  • Comfortable design

Buying a new set of TV headphones may seem overwhelming, especially with all the options and technical jargon. We at CinemaBlend want you to make the most informed decision when purchasing new technology, so you can enhance your TV watching experience––that's why we made a buyer's guide of common terms and tips to help make your purchase easier.

Transmitter - The transmitter generates radio frequency, which allows your headphones to broadcast sound from your television.

Bluetooth - Bluetooth is a wireless technology that uses short-wavelength technology to exchange data between devices. Typically, headphones that are connected via Bluetooth will have a shorter physical range than headphones connected via a radio transmitter.

Hertz - Hertz, often stylized as 'Hz,' is the unit that measures sound frequency. 1000 Hz is equal to 1KHz; 1000kHz is equal to 1MHz; 1000MHz is equal to 1GHz.

Radio Frequency - Radio frequency refers to the range of radio transmission. Radiofrequency is measured in Hertz. Low bass sounds have a low frequency. High treble sounds have a high frequency. For an optimum audio experience, opt for the most balanced radio frequency so you have an evenly mixed, crisp sound quality. However, if you have hearing loss, you may want to opt for lower frequency headphones.