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The Best Home Theater Decor

Uarter Decorative Movie Throw Pillow Case Set

Perfect Kitsch
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What better way to signal to everyone who enters your home movie theater what the purpose of the room is than with these pillow cases? Simple pair with your own pillows and settle in for a wonderful entertainment experience. Made of environment-friendly linen, these pillow cases are high-quality and washable, which means that popcorn butter won’t be the end of them.

Key Features

  • Great designs
  • Invisible zipper
  • Washable

BlissLights Laser Projector w/LED Nebula Cloud for Home Theatre

Best Visual Ambience
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This laser projector is just so cool. While other items in our list are designed to help replicate that authentic movie theater experience, this will take it to a new level. To the future! We were skeptical at first, because we’re used to a dark, dark room when it comes to viewing entertainment. However, this projector is just so beautiful that we couldn’t pass up recommending it. We love how easy it is to set up and use, as well as how simple it is to adjust the brightness, effect, or to toggle on/off. A 6-hour timer is a nice addition in case you get a little too comfy in your home theater and doze off under the stars.

Key Features

  • Multiple light effects
  • High quality laser technology
  • Mesmerizing displays

TV LED Backlights

Dramatic Effect
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Backlighting behind a TV can help reduce eye fatigue and ease eye strain. But that’s not why we included this on the list. We included it because it looks really, really cool. These LED strips adhere right to the back of your TV, and are USB powered. Provided your television has a USB slot, that means no additional ugly cables running down your wall.

Installation is a breeze, and the resulting light effects are really something else. There’s a handy remote included, though many TVs will automatically turn the LEDs on or off with the power to the set itself.

Key Features

  • High quality LED strips
  • Plugs into TV USB slot for power
  • 17 color options

Red Velvet Blackout Theater Curtains

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Just about every movie theater has those classic red velvet curtains on either side of the screen. It’s so much a part of the experience that you don’t even think about it anymore. But if they weren’t there, you’d notice. Well, these blackout curtains can give you that same feel in the comfort of your own home theater.

Not only do these look just like the real-deal, they are great blackout curtains, providing your home theater with the darkness you need. They are soft, gorgeous, and can be washed easily without showing wear and tear. A must for the home theater experience!

Key Features

  • High quality velvet
  • Efficient light-blocking
  • Easy to care for