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The Best Tilting TV Brackets

AmazonBasics Heavy-Duty Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount For 32-inch To 80-Inch TVs

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Carrying TVs up to 80 inches or 130 pounds, this bracket is a good choice for people with home theaters.

The range of motion is impressive. The TV can extend outward toward viewers 19.9 inches and then retract just 2.6 inches from the wall. Its swivel potential is what really sold us -- it can swivel an unprecedented 180 degrees. That means during your Bachelor viewing party, even friends in the corner of the room can see what's happening without straining their neck.

The TV bracket is made of a combination of aluminum and steel. If you're tilting to avoid glare from sources of light, it can tilt up 10 degrees or down 5.

Key Features

  • Comes with built-in bubble level to mount evenly
  • Fits studs 16 inches apart
  • Carries up to 130 pounds

Mounting Dream TV Mount Full Motion For 26- To 55-Inch TVs

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Up, down, in, out -- the possibilities are almost endless with this excellent option from Mounting Dream. With a swiveling capacity of 90 degrees, you can enjoy your favorite film from almost any angle in the room. Plus, if you have lots of space to work with, the bracket can pull out up to 19.3 inches for close-up viewing. If you have a smaller space to work with, the bracket retracts to 3 inches from the wall, so it barely takes up any space at all.

If your movie room gets lots of natural light, you can maneuver the TV 5 degrees up or 15 degrees down to prevent glare from impacting your viewing experience.

The tilting bracket can accommodate most TVs up to 69 pounds, which evens out to most TVs ranging from 26 inches to 55.

When it comes time for installation, beware -- this bracket can not be installed directly on drywall. You'll have to find (and purchase separately) a barrier between the wall and mount to preserve your drywall and prevent the bracket from breaking down.

Key Features

  • Swivel capacity of 90 degrees
  • You can level your TV 3 degrees left or right
  • Tilt of 5 degrees up and 15 degrees down
  • Can pull out 19.3 inches or retract to just 3 inches
  • Designed with strong steel and a powder coating finish
  • Max VESA of 400 x 400 mm

Echogear Full Tilt TV Wall Mount With Advanced Extendable Bracket

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The swivel potential of this Echogear's bracket isn't quite as impressive as other models, but don't let that discourage you. The TV can still swivel, tilt, and expand and retract. What sets this one apart is the carrying potential.

Unlike some smaller models, it can work with TVs up to 85 inches and weighing up to 125 pounds which is a feat, to say the least.

Installation is as easy as 1,2,3 -- literally. Assembly only requires three straightforward steps that are DIY-friendly.

Also, in addition to hefty weight capacity, the bracket is equipped with a wall drilling template, horizontal shift for centering, and post-install leveling as a finishing touch.

Key Features

  • Able to swivel 5 degrees up or 15 degrees down
  • Swivels 10 degrees right or left
  • Extends 5.8 inches outward
  • Eliminates glare because of tilting upward or downward capacity
  • Can carry a whopping 125 degrees
  • Comes with hardware kit with spacers and screws to assemble the bracket

EVERVIEW TV Wall Mount Bracket

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This tilting bracket is a solid choice because of two primary factors: it can carry up to 132 pounds and it has six arms that can offer an impressive range of motion. Meaning, you can watch TV on your massive flat screen with certainty it can safely move around!

Some TV shows you just want to see up close. With EVERVIEW's TV bracket, you can extend the TV over 14 inches toward you. When movie time is over, transforming your TV room back to normal is as easy as retracting it to its most compact size, just 2.5 inches from the wall.

The six-arm structure extends 45 degrees up or down, so the TV tilts outward and up or down.

The bracket fits most TVs starting from 37 inches to 70, which offers a wide range of coverage for movie lovers with TVs both small and large.

Key Features

  • Extends 14.4 inches outward or retracts to just over 2.5 inches
  • 3 degrees of leveling
  • Fits VESA patterns from 200x100mm to 600x400mm
  • Packaged with mounting hardware and 6-foot HDMI cable
  • 3-axis magnetic bubble level offers totally level mounting
  • Made of four long bars and six arms

Because TV tilting mounts require heavy installation, make sure you know what you're getting into beforehand.

What's A VESA?

Though choosing a bracket seems to primarily revolve around size and weight, there's another factor you need to consider before clicking that "Buy Now" button -- a VESA pattern.

On the back of every TV, you'll be able to find mounting holes. This is the VESA pattern. This pattern varies from TV to TV, as do mounting options on brackets, which is why you need to pay attention to your TV's VESA size in addition to the bracket's VESA capabilities.

If you purchase a tilting TV bracket that isn't compatible with your TV, you'll have to go through the process of returning and exchanging.