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How can the audience learn to laugh, when even the characters aren't sure where the jokes are? Such is Zoolander, a film with good intentions and fairly meaningless execution.

Zoolander stars Ben Stiller as the world's preeminent male model, Derek Zoolander. Apparently all the stereotypes are true, and Zoolander is even more empty headed than one would expect. When evil Fashion design Mugatu (Will Farrell) brainwashes him to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia, Zoolander finds himself bound up in a plot almost as far beyond his comprehension as basic math.

It's not that there is really anything wrong with Zoolander per say. In fact, the film could probably be best described as harmless. Because, while like most recent comedy films, the laughs aren't particularly smart, nor particularly plentiful, Zoolander is not likely to do any permanent damage to its audience or comedy films in general.

True, watching Stiller attempt to remove his underwear without taking his pants off is a treat worth almost any price, but Zoolander just doesn't seem to deliver much else. Maybe all the characters are just to mentally deficient. Maybe the film needs to show more of Stiller's wife naked in a midget orgy. Maybe male models just aren't as funny as we all thought.

It doesn't matter. Zoolander is neither painful to watch nor particularly memorable. Perfect for a fluff filled night of mindless entertainment, which even the smartest among us can use once in awhile. If it doesn't hurt, it can't be all bad, can it?