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HeroBlend #17: Is Sony's Spider-Man Universe Getting Ahead Of Itself?

Welcome to the HeroBlend Podcast #17! Buckle up, folks, we've got a lot to talk about this week, including Sony's newly revealed plans for their Spider-Man universe and why Eric and Adrienne think the company might be moving way too fast.

Wait, Avengers Characters Might Show Up In Sony's Spider-Man Spinoff Universe?

It would appear that Avengers characters popping up in Sony's Spider-Man spinoff universe is not necessarily off the table.

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How Topher Grace Feels About Tom Hardy’s Venom

Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock a.k.a. Venom is now just weeks away from hitting theaters - but fans will long remember that the actor isn't the first to try and take on the part.

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Venom: What We Know So Far

After years of being stuck in development hell, the Venom movie is finally getting off the ground. Here's everything you need to know about the blockbuster.

The Kraven The Hunter Spider-Man Spinoff Has Taken An Important Step Forward

It turns out there is still a Kraven the Hunter movie in the works at Sony.

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Joe Manganiello Has A Wild Spider-Man Audition Story

The actor who is now Deathstroke in the DCEU once played a different kind of villain in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man and he landed the gig after an uncommon audition.

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Watch Shameik Moore And Jake Johnson Recreate Their Miles Morales And Peter Parker Banter From Into The Spider-Verse

Get ready for the first blockbuster to feature two different versions of the wall-crawler.

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How Spider-Gwen Will Play Into Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Though only introduced a few years ago, Spider-Gwen has quickly become one of the more popular characters in Marvel Comics.

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Does Spider-Man Exist In The Venom Movie Universe? The Director Opens Up

When we spoke with the director on the red carpet at San Diego Comic-Con, we asked Fleischer if Spider-Man exists in universe that Sony has created, Fleischer opened up.

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Yes, Sony Is Making An Actual Spider-Man Shared Universe

Sony has big plans for the spinoff films centered on the Wall-Crawler's supporting characters.

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Daredevil's Charlie Cox Knows Exactly Which Avengers He'd Like To Cross Over With

If the TV and film sides of the MCU ever cross over, the Man without Fear already has a dancing partner in mind.

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Spider-Man And Doctor Strange Co-Creator Steve Ditko Is Dead At 90

Steve Ditko, whose accomplishments include giving us Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, has passed away.

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Upcoming Spider-Man Spinoffs: What We Know About Sony's Universe

Sony is underway building its own universe of movies that are Spider-Man adjacent, so we've gathered together all the ones that have been announced or reported on so far.

The 3 Best And Worst Things About Sony’s Growing Spider-Man Universe

Sony's Spider-Man-less Spider-verse is growing by the day, and with Venom only months away, it is time to take a look and evaluate how this cinematic universe is shaping up so far.

Upcoming Marvel Movies: Release Dates For Phase 3 And 4

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has big plans for the future. To keep it all straight, we've laid out the next few years' worth of Marvel Studios films, which will take you through all of the official titles announced for Phase 3 and 4.

Morbius: Everything You Need To Know About Marvel’s Living Vampire

Marvel's Living Vampire is seemingly on his way to Sony's Spider-Verse in a solo film starring Jared Leto. This will be the characters first time on the big screen so what do we know about him? Read on to find out.

How Nicolas Cage Might Be Involved In Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse

New information has surfaced about how Nicolas Cage might be involved in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Here's what we know.

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One Villain Who Won't Be In Spider-Man For The PS4

While playing Insomniac Games' upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man, your spidey sense is likely to start tingling because of the sudden arrival of villains like Electro, Mister Negative or even The Vulture.

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Spider-Man Spinoff Morbius Has Cast Its Main Star And More

The Spider-Man spinoff Morbius just took a couple steps forward by casting its main star and more.

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The Venom Trailer Has Been Viewed Way More Times Than Any Other Spider-Man Movie Trailer

If the battle between Spider-Man and Venom were being contested in trailer views, the symbiote would be winning in a landslide.

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