After Shocking Virgin River Season 4 Finale Reveal, Martin Henderson Talks Why Season 5 Has Him 'Excited' For Jack

Warning! SPOILERS coming up for Virgin River Season 4, so go sip some wine by the lake while you catch up, and come back later!

This year has given lovers of romantic television shows several gifts, and the joy kept coming a few days ago, when Virgin River Season 4 debuted on the 2022 Netflix TV schedule and offered viewers all the drama, small town romance, and unexpected twists we know the series for. Virgin River’s Season 4 ending left folks with a shocking reveal, courtesy of the ever-problematic Charmaine finally informing Jack that he’s actually not the father of her twins. Now, star Martin Henderson has opened up about why that news has him ‘excited’ for Virgin River Season 5. 

Why Is Virgin River’s Martin Henderson Excited For Jack In Season 5?

It’s true that some Virgin River fans have (reasonably) been suspicious of Charmaine’s claim that she was having Jack’s babies ever since she dropped that news near the end of Season 1. But, she’s remained so steadfast on the matter since then that it did seem like no one else could be the father. That all changed in the Season 4 finale, when she finally came clean to Jack and Mel, who’d come to help her when she had trouble breathing and worried about losing the babies. Martin Henderson, who plays Jack, recently spoke to Glamour about playing Jack in the wake of that reveal in Season 5 and said:

I am excited about that and expressing the realism of that, because what’s been interesting about the Charmaine/Jack dynamic ever since he found out she was pregnant with his twins is that he had to walk a really fine line between having obviously really strong feelings about how heinous her behavior is [and needing to be able to work with her]...He couldn’t unleash on Charmaine in the way that he felt he was entitled to because he still had to preserve some semblance of a relationship that would make them work as co-parents. He wants to put his boys first. So he was in this trap, in a way. He was forced to put up with her crap.

OOOOOOooohhhhhh WEEEEEEEE! Y’all? I literally don’t know if I can wait until sometime in 2023 for Jack (and Mel, for that matter) to finally be able to "unleash" the full anger kraken on Charmaine! I cannot imagine that anyone has watched all four seasons of Virgin River and not yelled obscenities at their screen many, many (many) times when that woman has darkened the scene (despite Charmaine going a bit easier on them in Season 4). Most of you must be, as some of you have been so enraged by Charmaine’s consistently bad behavior that you’ve said some not great things to Lauren Hammersley, who portrays her. 

As Henderson also said, Charmaine’s actions have been “heinous,” “manipulative,” and she's acted “deplorably toward Mel,” and that was without us knowing that she was fully lying about being pregnant with Jack’s twins this whole time. With Jack being a decent guy and wanting to be a part of his twins’ life, he’s been holding his tongue as much as possible and being as present as he can for Charmaine, all while she treated him like pond scum for ending their friends-with-benefits situationship and treated Mel like a trash goblin for, well, existing in Jack’s orbit.

At first glance, it does seem like this is a giant win/win for Mel and Jack, but Henderson appears to concur with his co-star, Alexandra Breckenridge, when it comes to the fallout for Jack not being so simple. Henderson added:

Now, of course, he finds out they’re not even his, so all that shit he went through and that Mel went through starts — yeah, he has an opinion about that.

OK, Virgin River writers, listen up. I need you to fulfill the wishes of every fan and Martin Henderson, and give us at least one major moment where Jack (And Mel!!) tell Charmaine off. Luckily, Virgin River Season 5 is now filming, so we should be able to get new episodes around the same time next year. 

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