A Virgin River Plot Hole Could Mean That Things Will Be Easier For Jack And Mel In Season 4

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Fans of the Netflix hit Virgin River know that Season 3 wrapped by making some shocking reveals and leaving many of our favorite characters in less than desirable places. This includes leading couple Mel and Jack, with trouble coming from within their romance and without. (That dang Charmaine is a problem!) But, there appears to be a plot hole that could mean that Season 4 will be much easier for Jack and Mel as they move forward: Charmaine probably can’t take the babies away from Jack.

If you finished all of the previous set of episodes, you’ll know that the Virgin River Season 3 ending saw Jack’s pregnant ex-girlfriend, Charmaine, deciding to marry her basically brand new boyfriend, Todd, even though she voiced some serious misgivings about him. Charmaine is petty and intent on making Jack pay for never falling in love with her, so she (and Todd) threatened to move away with the twins and are attempting to get full custody, so that Jack is completely out of their lives. According to reddit user RenaLindsey, though (via Express), because Virgin River takes place in the state of California, that move would be a no-go:

They are in California, there’s no contesting custody if you can prove paternity (simple DNA done even before babies are born). Why is this show talking about a year’s worth of court fights and thousands of dollars spent? The law in California is very clear, if you are the father you have 50% custody (unless it can be proven you are a jerk) and you’re OBLIGATED to provide support.

Ooooooh. Well, this could certainly make things a lot better for Jack, and by extension, Mel, when Season 4 starts. Jack had already gotten himself a lawyer to help him fight Charmaine and Todd, but if the show sticks to the truth of parental rights in California, hopefully that battle won’t last for long. 

I did a little reading on the state’s website about custody issues and paternity, and it appears that what this reddit user said is pretty much correct. Once Jack manages to legally establish himself as the biological father, he’ll be granted all of the legal rights to see and make decisions about the twins, as well as all of the responsibilities for their care. It looks like all that it takes to do that is to get a DNA test, but can’t you just imagine Charmaine and Todd finding ways to stall that process for as long as possible?

While it’s anyone’s guess as to the full reasoning behind why Charmaine, Queen of Bad Decisions, Crazy Eyed-Stares and Guilt Trips, would have done such a dumb thing after only about a month of dating a man who was showing hints of some extremely negative traits, her previous behavior makes one thing pretty clear: she’d do damn near anything to stick it to Jack. And, with Todd having some serious money to better enable that desire, it’s not a totally wacky idea that we might see the newlyweds finding rather unbelievable ways to dodge / alter any tests that prove Jack is really the father.

Virgin River Season 4 is rumored to have started filming well before the summer was over, so we might get to see new episodes by early next year. Until then, be sure to check out where each Virgin River relationship stands after Season 3, all of the upcoming romantic TV shows, and see what the 2021 fall TV schedule has to offer!

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