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All The Major Stranger Things Character Deaths (So Far)

Millie Bobby Brown and the cast of Stranger Things in Season 3
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Guys, can you believe it? Because I can’t. Let’s all say it together - Stranger Things Season 4 is coming out soon!

After a three year wait, the fourth season of the popular Netflix series will finally be dropping on the platform at the end of May 2022 in a two-volume premiere - the first half of the series coming out in May, the second in July. And, honesty, it’s about damn time. But, you know what that means - with a new season, that means more depression with our favorite characters being killed. Yay!

Jokes aside, before Season 4 of Stranger Things comes out, I think it’s time we do a roll call of all the Stranger Things character deaths so far in the show that we should remember before this season premieres, from notable names to some smaller characters. Here we go - prepare the tissue boxes. 

Benny and Eleven in Stranger Things.

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Benny Hammond 

Man. This one still hurts to think about. 

In the pilot episode of Stranger Things, when Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) broke out of that Hawkins facility, one of the first places she winds up at is Benny’s diner. 

Benny (played by the loveable Chris Sullivan from the This Is Us cast) shows hospitality towards Eleven in her hour of need, even when he catches her stealing food from his kitchen. It’s not that long after that that Special Agent Connie Frazier (Catherine Dyer) arrives and shoots him in the head, making his death look like a suicide. It’s a shame we never got to see more of him. 

Barbara in Stranger Things.

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Barbara Holland

Justice for Barb! In the Stranger Things Season 1 episode, “The Weirdo on Maple Street,” Barbara (played by Shannon Purser) is left alone by the pool while Steve and Nancy (Joe Kerry and Natalia Dyer) go off and have sex. However, it’s because she is alone that she is attacked by the Demogorgon and dragged into the Upside Down. 

Her death is later confirmed in the Season 1 episode, “The Bathtub,” and while we do get some mention of her in Season 2 of Stranger Things, Season 1 is really the last time we ever get a mention of Nancy’s former best friend. 

Connie Frazier in Stranger Things.

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Connie Frazier 

Vengeance is sweet. While I’m sure at this point in Stranger Things we all hated Connie for killing Benny, watching her death was almost like revenge for the wrongful death that she caused. 

In the episode, “The Upside Down,” Eleven makes minced meat of Connie and ends up crushing both her brain and another Hawkins Lab agent, all in one moment. That’s what you get for taking out Benny, damn it!

Bob in Stranger Things.

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Bob Newby 

Bob (Sean Astin) was literally the sweetest soul in Stranger Things Season 2 - which is why I knew he was going to die. But that doesn't change the fact that I’m still upset about it. 

In the Season 2 episode, “The Mind Flayer,” Joyce and everyone else was trying to flee from Hawkins Lab while they were being chased by Demodogs, and Bob decides to stay behind in order to reset the power in order for the group to escape. However, he does not make it out in time and is mauled to death by Demodogs, right in front of Joyce (Winona Ryder).

It’s heartbreaking in every sense of the word, considering Bob was such a great guy. I don’t think we need justice for him - even though I still miss the heck out of his character. 

Heather in Stranger Things.

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Heather Holloway 

Gosh, poor Heather. I know you probably don’t recognize that name at first, but Heather Holloway (Francesca Reale) was one of the first victims of the Mind Flayer because of her crush on Billy (Dacre Montgomery), and ended up playing an important role in the Season 3 villain of Stranger Things. She walked away with a supposedly normal Billy in the episode, “The Mall Rats,” but was later killed by the Mind Flayer.

While she ended up becoming a part of that huge monster in the end, you can’t deny that you feel bad for her - the poor girl only wanted to get a date with Billy and now, she’s dead. 

Alexei in Stranger Things.

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The purest soul taken from us far too soon. Alexei (Alex Utgoff) was a Russian scientist who was one of the people responsible for opening up the portal to the Upside Down in the Starcourt Mall, growing close with Joyce and Murray (Brett Gelman) after he was kidnapped by her and Hopper.

He had his freedom for a little bit, but Alexei was shot and killed at a carnival by Grigori (Andrey Ivchenko), a Russian soldier, in the episode, “The Bite.”

You will forever be in our hearts, Alexei - you and your slushy-drinking ways. 

Grigori in Stranger Things.

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Another name on here that’s important to the story of Stranger Things. Grigori was the one responsible for killing Alexei at the carnival, and later on, when Murray, Joyce, and Hopper (David Harbour) are investigating the Russian lab that lays beneath Starcourt Mall, Grigori makes his unwelcome appearance again. 

This time, however, Hopper is able to get the upper hand and toss Grigori into the machine keeping the portal open, and that kills him, effectively ending the spy's life that has caused so much pain in the Season 3 finale. 

Billy in Stranger Things.

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Billy Hargrove

Arguably, one of the most tragic deaths of Season 3 of Stranger Things was Billy Hargrove’s death in the Season 3 finale. Billy, who is able to regain control from the Mind Flayer’s grasp after Eleven saves him, sacrifices himself, getting stabbed several times in the chest, in order to protect Eleven and her friends - including his sister, Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink). 

It’s sad to see his character come to an end like that and even sadder to see Max break down at her brother’s death, despite the bad relationship they had. They were still family, even to his dying day. He wasn’t quite the jerk we all expected him to be.

Writing this just makes me excited for Stranger Things Season 4 - and probably the deaths that are bound to come from it. But, regardless of who dies or lives, I know that we’re all going to have a fun time when we see this wonderful show once more after all these years. 

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