Stranger Things’ New Slurpee Video Is The Most Upside Down Thing Since The Demogorgon

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Stranger Things finally premiered its third season after well more than a year of hiatus, and one of the biggest scene-stealers of the season was Russian scientist Alexei, also known (by Hopper) as Smirnoff. He didn't speak English and he wasn't the most cooperative, but fans everywhere lamented when he was murdered by a Russian assassin. His legacy lives on, however, as the man who loved Slurpees and Woody Woodpecker.

While Alexei pushed Hopper's patience a little bit too far when he tried to demand a cherry Slurpee after Hop brought him a strawberry Slurpee, he ultimately admitted that he could enjoy both. His death was a tragedy, but at least he went out having had one last Slurpee experience.

Well, Alexei may be dead (along with a ton of other people from Stranger Things Season 3), but he's still slurping a Slurpee thanks to Netflix. The streaming giant put together a 12-hour live stream of Alexei sucking on his Slurpee straw, and it's the most upside down thing from Stranger Things since the Demogorgon. Take a look!

That is... well, that right there is Alexei slurping on a Slurpee over and over again for twelve hours. Why did Netflix put together a 12-hour live stream of Alexei and his Slurpee, complete with sound effects that I 100% did not need to hear with headphones on? I do not know. Is it weirdly hypnotic? Yes. Yes, it is.

Netflix's only explanation for the video is a caption stating that they are "pouring one out for our pal" in honor of Alexei, and encouraging viewers to sip along. At the time of writing, the video has garnered approximately 18,000 thumbs ups, more than 850 thumbs downs, a busy live chat of viewers, and no fewer than 300 people watching after six hours on YouTube.

Personally, I do hope that none of those 300+ viewers have been watching from the very beginning, but Stranger Things does have a lot of fans. I could understand if there was the hope for an Easter egg of some sort to pop up in the middle as a surprise, though.

Given the way Season 3 ended and the cliffhanger post-credits sequence, I'm ready for some clues about Season 4 myself. I'm also ready for a Slurpee. Thanks, Netflix!

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In case you want a look at what the video is showing on repeat, but without the slurping sound effects that are going to haunt my dreams more than the Mind Flayer ever has, keep on scrolling down!

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Now that I've put perhaps too much thought into Alexei and his love for Slurpees, I have to hope that actor Alec Utgoff didn't give himself brain freeze while filming Stranger Things Season 3. Actors may sometimes have to be miserable for their craft, but brain freeze is true pain.

Unlike what happened to Hopper, Alexei's death was quite clearly confirmed and permanent, so he won't be coming back in Season 4. In that sense, it does fit that he gets a tribute of some sort.

After all, without his help, the good guys never would have prevailed, and probably would have lost more than just Hop in the attempt to defeat the Mind Flayer. If Barb got calls for justice far and wide, surely Alexei can star in a 12-hour tribute! Now I just need somebody to honor Benny. Even Sean Astin says that Stranger Things doesn't need justice for Bob, but what of poor Benny?

Oddly enough, Stranger Things still hasn't had an official renewal announcement for Season 4, but filming is reportedly beginning later this year. You can see Alexei in action in Stranger Things Season 3, which is currently available streaming with the first two seasons on Netflix. If you're in the mood for something new, just check out our fall TV premiere guide for some options.

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